Foundation support of local community and recreation programs

The Foundation has worked with local recreation groups in Ulster County to provide both volunteer and financial support. The foundation reaches further into the community to support the things that Mikey loved and that helped mold him into the amazing person he was.

The Michael Oremus Foundation awarded more than $27,000 in grants this year. These funds helped children throughout Ulster County participate in sports programs, summer camps, child development activities and academic enrichment programs. Foundation grants were made to these organizations:

Highland Visual Performing Arts Institute
Highland Little League
Highland United Soccer
New Paltz Soccer
New Paltz Baseball Association
New Paltz Pop Warner Football
Ulster County Social Services
Town of Rochester Youth Commission
Camp Shawangunk
Camp Seewackamano
Camp Wilmeet


The Michael Oremus Foundation donated over $18,000 in funding to the following local organizations, who assist us in our efforts to provide recreational scholarships to children.

  • Recreation Scholarships: Highland United Soccer Club, Highland Little League, New Paltz Baseball Assoc., New Paltz Pop Warner Football, Town of Rochester Youth Commission.
  • Other Organizations:  Ulster County Human Service Programs, The Center for Spectrum Services, YMCA Camps,Ulster County Community Action


  • “…thank you very much for the help I received from your Foundation.  I am a disabled mother….I could not afford to bring (my son) back and forth to camp every day.  So because of your Foundation, I was given gas cards so my son could go to camp.  This really was a big help….I will keep you and your family in my prayers….

Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient

  • ”Thank you for helping my family and I.  I am grateful for your compassion for children.  You know the importance of extracurricular activities for children and the impact they have…. If it wasn’t for the Michael Oremus Foundation, I wouldn’t have been able to afford camp for my daughter…a place where she will learn, meet new friends, and experience a fun- filled summer”.

-Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient

  •  “Thank you again for all that you do in memory of your beautiful son.  You are making a big difference in the lives of these children”.

-Ulster County Coordinated Childrens’ Services Caseworker

  •  “Thank you again for the kindness and benevolence you have extended….we know how much it means for (the children) to be able to the same thing everyone else is doing…”

-Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient Family

  • “We wanted to be certain that you know the depth of our gratitude…and that we are honored to have been selected to carry on his legacy.  We can only hope to serve the community, be it locally or globally, as well as he did”.

-Academic Scholarship Recipients

  •  “Thank you so much for your generous donation. WOW! …Your donation will help many children in need who otherwise could not play by paying their fees and equipment….Thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody involved with your Foundation!”

-New Paltz Soccer

  • “Please accept our sincere thanks…for the grant….to help (this) student with high functioning autism to increase self-awareness and the ability to relate to others”.

-Spectrum Services Foundation

  •  “The reaction of students who have been helped by the M ichael Oremus Foundation displays a clear picture  of Michael’s honor and dedication to the assistance and protection of the less fortunate.  I have placed  The Michael Oremus Foundation  on our Benevolent Patron list to bring light to the Foundation, your work, and Michael”.

-New York Conservatory for the Arts, Hurley, NY

  • “Your Foundation made it possible for 26 children to attend our summer camps.  Without your support, these children would have missed out on a wonderful camp experience. You most certainly made a difference in the lives of these youth and made their summer(s) a most memorable one”.

-Town of Rochester Youth Commission

  • “….  In sharing with those less fortunate, you bring hope into the hearts of the discouraged and support to help keep our children…..healthy…..Our agency extends a sincere thank you for your participation in accomplishing our mission in “helping people help themselves” to believe there will be a better  tomorrow….”

-Ulster County Community Action

  • “…I would like to thank the Michael Oremus Foundation for ….funds…for me to attend summer camp…It got me out of the hectic situation at home for 2 weeks….

-Summer Camp Scholarship Recipient

  • “I will put the scholarship money toward my …plan to study pre-medicine.  One day I would like to be a doctor so that I can do my best to eliminate horrible sicknesses and comfort those in need… have made me feel empowered, appreciated, and loved…..”

-Academic Scholarship Recipient

  • “Thank you for the generous donation….The Center for Creative Education offers programs regardless of a family’s financial status. Our programs have allowed our youth to develop self-esteem, team spirit, team leadership, and an overall sense of purpose.  Your kind donation will help the C.C.E to continue  offering this opportunity to any member and family in need”.

-Center for Creative Education, Kingston, NY


  • “I cannot begin to thank you enough for helping to pay for college.  It is a real blessing for me.  I hope I can have the courage and strength in my future as Michael did, to serve his family, friends, community, and country.  You, your family, and the entire Michael Oremus Foundation are truly an inspiration….”

-Academic Scholarship Recipient

  • “I cannot thank you enough for funding…(our participation) in the National Teen Leadership program….I now see myself as a stronger leader and it’s all thanks to your kindness and generosity…”

-Leadership Scholarship Recipients

  • Provided funds to Fiona Milton, a student at Saugerties High School, to attend classes at the New York Conservatory for the Arts
  • Provided funds to Travis Beatty, a junior at Highland High School, to attend the 2010 Forum on National Security through the National Youth Leadership Forum in Washington, DC.
  • The following organizations and communities in Ulster County were granted over $20,000 in support of their programs for children:
    • Town of Rochester Youth Department
    • Center for Creative Education in Kingston
    • The Town of Lloyd Recreation Commission
    • Highland Little League
    • Highland United Soccer Club
    • New Paltz Soccer League
    • New Paltz Baseball Association
    • Ulster County Social Services – funding for recreation and camp fees


  • Provided funds to Fiona Milton, a student at Saugerties High School, for a three week internship program at Camp Netimus in the Poconos.

The following organizations and communities in Ulster County were granted over $20,000 in support of their programs for children:

  • The Town of Rochester Youth Commission
  • The Town of Lloyd Recreation Commission
  • Highland Little League
  • Highland United Soccer Club
  • New Paltz Soccer League
  • New Paltz Baseball Association
  • The Integrated Early Intervention Childrens’ Network
  • Ulster County Community Action Committee, Inc., Highland
  • Ulster County Social Services – funding for recreation and camp fees
  • Children’s Annex, Kingston

July 2008

  • The Foundation donated $500 to Highland Disney Dreams,  a non-profit organization that provides Disney World one week vacations for special needs students who otherwise might not have the opportunity to take part in such a joyful and lighthearted experience. You can visit Highland Disney Dreams at their website

June 2008

  • The Foundation sponsored Alexandra Roviezzo from Highland High School and Sharon Otis from New Paltz High School to attend the National Team Leadership Program in Sacramento, California in August 2008. The mission of the three day program is to empower, motivate and inspire teens to creatively and positively influence their community. The NTLP’s vision is to create a community where the values that contribute to transforming children into adults of good character and positive outlook are infused throughout the nation.
  • The Foundation, with the help of the Ulster County Social Services Department, donated to financially help children attend summer programs in Ulster County.

May 2008

  • The Foundation donated $2,000 to Highland United Soccer Club in support of registration fees and equipment for children in need.
  • The Foundation donated $2,000 to New Paltz Soccer to help with registration fees and equipment for children in need.
  • Highland Recreation received a donation of $1000 from the Foundation to provide financial assistance for summer recreation activities to children in need.

April, 2008

  • The Foundation was a $250 sponsor for the Habitat for Humanity of Greater Newburgh’s Annual Walk for Housing.

February, 2008

  • The Foundation donated in cooperation with the Highland Rotary Club, a defibrillator to the Highland United Soccer Club and will be used at the Nardone Soccer Field complex.
  • $2,000 donation made to Highland Little League to support children in need of registration fees and equipment.
    The Foundation is also sponsoring a senior league team. 

Fall 2007

  • The Foundation in cooperation with the Highland United Youth Soccer Club, provided funds for 14 local children and their families to participate in the fall soccer league.